No baking required! Quick, easy and disgustingly delicious… if you love peanut butter, then these little squares will hit the spot.

Yield: 20-25 squares
Oven Temp: No baking
Main Utensils: Mixing bowl, wooden spoon, food processor, 20cm square cake tin or baking pan, non-stick baking paper

115g Butter, melted
250ml Digestive biscuit crumbs
120g Icing sugar, sifted
215g Peanut butter
180g Dark chocolate, 70%
125ml Malted puffs ( maltesers or tumbles)


1. Line your baking pan or cake tin with non-stick baking paper. 2. In a bowl, mix the melted butter, biscuit crumbs, and icing sugar together until combined. 3. Stir in 3/4 of the peanut butter. ( if the mixture feels a little too soft, add extra biscuit crumb). Press firmly into the prepared baking pan. 5. Place the remaining peanut butter and the chocolate into a glass bowl Heat in the microwave for 30 second bursts at a time until melted. Stir after each 30 second burst. 6. Give a final stir to ensure it’s smooth and spread over the peanut butter crumb base layer. 7. Crush the maltesers and scatter over the chocolate layer. 8. Chill until completely firm (at least 3 hours). 9. Allow to rest at room temperature for 10 minutes before cutting into squares with a sharp knife.

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Pastry Chef and Cake designer

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